Mobile Detailing Packages for Ventura County


We offer four separate detailing packages to suit your vehicles unique or particular requirement.  The Complete Detail includes every service except for dent repair.  You're eligible to receive 50% off dent repair services when you purchase the Complete Detail in Ventura County.

The Mini Detail package is a popular choice.  Mini Detail includes most of the services included in the Complete Detail and provides customers with an excellent value for the services received.

The Wash and Wax or Express Detail Packages are excellent choices for customers not requiring intensive interior detailing but these packages still provide brilliant results and are a popular choice.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a particular service, process, or product.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Call us to today to discuss your vehicle and your unique requirements!

Complete Detail Includes:


Tar removal

Clay bar treatment


Tires and wheel wells cleaned and dressed

Rims cleaned including the dish part of the rim

Brake dust is cleaned off

The complete package receives half­off on a headlight restoration if needed

Entire engine compartment cleaned.

Door jambs get cleaned.

Windows cleaned on the inside and out.

Interior completely vacuumed

Vents get dusted out with a brush

Seat tracks cleaned out

Leather seats cleaned and conditioned

Fabric seats scrubbed and hot water extraction used on them

Carpets get shampooed and receive hot water extraction

Dirt on the headliners cleaned up as much as possible, some dirt may remain.

Trunk cleaned, spare tire area cleaned and vacuumed

Only service not included in Complete Detail is paint correction. Polisher included but not the buff.

Mini Detail is the same services as Complete Detail but exludes:

Hot water extraction on the carpet or the upholstery

One­step wax­system in Mini instead of the four­step wax system in Complete.

Engine cleaning

Wash and Wax includes:


Clay bar treatment and wax

Fender wells cleaning

Wheel Wells and Tire cleaning

Rims get cleaned and dressed

No inside work done

Express Detail includes:

Exterior wash

Exterior spray wax

Tires and rims cleaned and dressed

Interior vacuumed and dusted down

Replaceable mats scrubbed

Express Detailing Work