Ventura RV, boats and Motorhome Detailing

Many auto detailing companies perform detailing work on RV's, boats and motorhome vehicles in Ventura County. What we do different on the RV and Motorhome detailing jobs in Ventura is that we actually make sure that we take care of the top of the motor home because the top, in many cases, is not the same as the Gel­Co Paint that’s on the sides. So, there’s rubber on top and it has to be cleaned and treated correctly. Some other mobile detailing professionals in Ventura County are just going to spray it off, if they even do that at all there because there’s many companies that don’t go up on top.


RV and Motorhome detailing by West Coast Detailing

RV Detailing

Most common RVs worked on are Monaco’s, Coachmen, Winnebago’s, J Co’s ­ those are all made by Chevy and Ford.

Please visit our detailing packages page for a complete list of all services performed on your RV or Motorhome in Ventura County.

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