Paint Reconditioning

Paint reconditioning is a unique detailing service.  It's often misunderstood that paint reconditioning masks marks and artifacts which occur in the surface of a vehicle's paint finish.  Paint reconditioning actually eliminates imperfections such as marring, scratching, and restores brilliance to paint which is dulled or matted in appearance.  Impefections such as these are often amplifiied on vehicles in Ventura County due to the dusty conditions often arising from excessive winds and the close proximity to the ocean which can cause accelerated paint finish oxidation.

The reconditioning process involves a buffing procedure which makes use of a wool pad used in conjuction with a rotary buffer.  The finish is also polished with a micro fiber pad which is used with an orbital polisher.  The result is a very glossy appearance which is normally is associated with a brand new paint job.