Waterless Car Wash Ventura County

We use many biodegradable products. When the environment is a concern for the car owner the waterless car wash is a great solution and helps to protect Ventura County's natural environment. The waterless car wash doesn’t require washing the dirt and the oils off of the car on to the ground into the storm drains. That’s the reason most people want a waterless car wash, it’s better for the environment. Ventura city government really likes to avoid excessive oils being washed into the storm drain and the waterless car wash prevents that from happening. For these reasons the waterless car wash is a popular request.

The process for a waterless car wash is we have a solution that we mix one to two gallons in a bucket. The solution is applied to the scrubbing tools and then we scrub the car like normal and then dry it. So, there’s no rinse or pre­rinse. The results will get the car just as clean.

Waterless car wash is a good solution in situations such as when a car is parked in a garage and the owner wants to maintain the car, keep it clean, and they don’t want to pull it out of the garage. In that case we can go in there and wash the car in the garage and it never has to get pulled out. Waterless car washing is also good for showrooms.