Ventura New Car Detailing Services

West Coast Detailing provides car detailing services for new cars, new car dealerships, and new car fleets throughout Ventura County.  Detailing for new cars, car lots, and any vehicle which is stored outside is extremely important for keeping the car's exterior in perfect condition.  This is especially true in Ventura County due to its close location to the ocean.  The ocean air causes cars to build up oxidation very quickly.  This oxidation causes cars to accumulate minor scratches and defects while on the lot.

Part of the cause of the defects is due to the way cars are washed on many lots.  Most dealerships don't use soap when they wash, instead the vehicles are pressure washed with water and then dried.  When the cars are dried the exterior paint accumulates minor scratches from the dirt which remains following the pressure washing.  OSHA regulations stipulate that soap not be used on most car lots, so the dealership's best option is to pressure wash and dry only.  So, although the interior of these new vehicles is beautiful and completely new, the exterior does require a detail to retain that factory perfection every consumer wants when they purchase a new vehicle.

At West Coast Detailing we love cars.  Detailing new cars and helping to maintain their glorious factory fresh perfection is great fun for us.  Whether you operate a new car dealership with a fleet of vehicles, or you're the owner of a new vehicle and you're seeking to protect your investment and keep your vehicle in completely mint condition, we're the best option for your detailing needs in Ventura, California.  Contact us today to inquire about our services and schedule a detail.