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Auto detailing Mercendes Benz E350 in Santa Barbara

by West Coast Detailing

June 25th, 2015

Auto detailing Mercendes Benz E350 in Santa Barbara

Today this Mercedes Benz E350 received our Complete interior/exterior detail in Santa Barbara. The exterior on the Mercedes E350 received a wash, clay bar treatment, polish and wax that will bring luster to its paint and hold for about 3 months before needing another Wash/Wax service. The Wheels were also cleaned inside the rim rather than only the face of the rim. The fender wells and tires were also cleaned and dressed for that new look.

Auto detailing Mercedes Benz E350 in Santa Barbara

The interior of this Mercedes Benz E350 was completely cleaned, dressed, shampooed, and leather conditioned. The complete interior service brings the interior back to its new look as best as it can possibly get aside of the normal wear and tear.

Santa Barbara Auto Detailing

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Auto Interior Reconditioning Detail

by West Coast Detailing

August 26th, 2014

Here is an auto interior reconditioning detail that we had just performed on a Ford F-150. The carpets have been shampooed, then the shampoo extracted with hot water to ensure that the carpet is not only clean, but disinfected as well.


Auto interior reconditioning detail is great for expectant parents because there is dirt and debris trapped inside your carpet that you can not see. Almost 100% of “clean looking carpet” that gets detailed has this trapped dirt and debris in it. Just take a look at the dirt and debris we pulled out of this carpet in the picture shown below.


You can ensure that you car, truck, or SUV will be clean for your new addition to your family. Contact us today for an estimate on our auto interior reconditioning detail. Trust the quality that you can see.

Express Detailing on GMC H2 Hummer in Ventura

by West Coast Detailing

August 26th, 2014

We recently performed an express detail on a GMC H2 Hummer in downtown Ventura.  The H2 is a large SUV with a significant amount of interior surface space, so there is a lot of ground to cover and detail. 

This H2 is driven into the high desert several times a year.  The dusty environment often creates a lot of subtle scratches in the surface of the finish.  The interior is well maintained, so a Complete Auto Detail wasn't quite necessary.

The exterior was washed, and then a spray wax was applied to help shield the finish from debris such as dust, sand, tar, and sap.  In Ventura, cars which are stored outside tend to oxidize fairly quickly compared to cars stored in areas away from the sea air.  The spray wax will help to prevent oxidation from the sea air as well.

The rest of the work included having the tires and rims cleaned and dressed, having the interior vacuumed and dusted down, and having the replaceable mats scrubbed.

Please observe the before and after images of the detail:



The express detail is great for maintaining both the interior and exterior without needing to invest in a complete detail.  Having an express detail done every 2-3 weeks is the best way to maintain a complete or full auto detail. 

If you're not sure if your car needs a complete detail or just needs to have its current detail maintained with an express job, contact us for a free estimate.  Even if you've recently had another detailing professional work on your car, we'll gladly examine your vehicle and provide you with an honest assessment of what type of detailing will provide you with the best value.

If your car is detailed regularly, or has been recently detailed, you may also consider our Mini Detail package for additional services not offered in the express detail.

We understand you have a lot invested in your vehicle.  With all of our detailing packages, we use high quality, professional, environmentally safe products designed to protect your vehicle and provide professional results.

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